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Mia's coat

                   Sean visited his friend Mia Galison, the owner of Eeboo products, in Westport,MA. and brought back this beautiful blue floral title she  gave me. Vera, Peter and I made this coat in a day-all working together. I added the tie cape /yoke extension and when Peter saw the muslin- he said "oh straight jacket", it was then I decided not to react and move forward productively- sometimes if I get upset it has a somewhat spiraling effect on the day. Anyway- I love this coat and I love the fabric- we used almost every bit. Vera tea stained the panels- it was three curtain panels- the trick is to cut the...

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February Vogue

Last October, the photographer Justin French was sent here by Vogue magazine to shoot what I was doing here to feature designers working outside fashion capitals. I rallied a group of friends who have continuously supported me since I moved up here. We shot for seven hours straight in every location we could think of. As I love logistical challenges, it was great fun, and since I was a fan of Justin's work, it was even more exciting. These photos made it into the magazine, both shot at Franklin Stage, the theater here in town. I love these images. The freemasons painted the backdrop behind Coco Hill (wearing her Lillian Jefferson costume). I was so grateful Patrica and Leslie drove...

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Met Armor Printed jersey

Looking at the next 5 months and getting overwhelmed with how much work there is to do. Between social media and simply producing clothing it all seems too much.But as someone said you might not be able to do everything but you can do one thing at a time. Here it goes! The most exciting news is that I will finally have the printed jersey program I have been planning to do for many years now including this pattern lifted from a piece of armor at The Met.                                                                  ...

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