American artist and fashion designer Gary Graham creates limited-run collections of women’s clothing at his studio in upstate New York. Garments are made on-site using antique textiles, custom jacquards, and natural fiber wovens from domestic mills. GaryGraham422 is his site-specific project that allows space, history and community to determine textile production and to inform the making of intimate collections. Narratives for each collection combine real stories with fictional characters to blur distinctions between past, present and future in mysterious ways.

The Gary Graham brand was founded in NYC in 1999. Respected for its exquisite detailing, sophisticated craftsmanship and historical erudition, the clothing line was sold at select luxury retailers worldwide, and at the brand’s flagship Tribeca store. 

In 2018 the brand was reborn as GaryGraham422. Gary relocated to the small town of Franklin NY and reconfigured his production as small-batch fabrication, with unique interventions to one-of-a-kind fabrics. The studio’s rural locale has inspired new historical narratives and encouraged experimentation and the exploration of time-intensive techniques.

Gary Graham portrait 2021

 Gary Graham in his studio

The GaryGrahan422 retail store in Franklin NY is open by appointment

vintage 1909 photo of 422 Main St. Franklin New York

422 Main Street, Franklin, NY - circa 1909