Below is a photo I took of the Pacific Ocean while on the second episode inspiration trip at Will Rogers State park. In the 1920's he bought 259 acres now known as the Pacific Palisades. My idea was to create a female Neptune character as we knew the models were going to be "literally" walking on water.

We just had no idea what it meant as we were not allowed to see the sets until the final runway moment.The reason I did not use this photograph was because I was so freaked out about how to turn it into a workable digital repeat for the printer, I ended up doctoring the image from the first winning look in the van on my cell phone. What you don't see in the episode is me freaking out about my lack of photo shop skills.


I regret not trying to push through using the ocean photograph, along with other challenges but one thing I can say is that the extreme race against the clock and time management was very real. It was also the first assignment and getting to know the sewing machines, irons, table size, and on and on. The most difficult post show challenge is to stop redesigning the looks in my head. I'm still re doing this resort look! 



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