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like that part in Drew Barrymore's Cinderella when she says "just breathe" before she enters the ball. Its 6:43 on 8/5/21 and I'm writing this in my store waiting for Sean to come back from Binghamton after driving 5 hours from Buffalo to get some jacquard ponchos sewn by a gentleman named Mahmoud.

Vera is upstairs in the studio completing a Thistle Hill herringbone sweatshirt and we are all preparing for tomorrows outcome...even though I know the outcome I still am not sure how it will be depicted. Memory games.

The ball nowadays is so much better. As anxious as I get I am so excited for the future and the next generation. Everyone is invited, including myself, in my made by the mice clothes and various neuroses worn like jewelry. It makes for much better dancing, like Ian Curtis and Katherine Dunham. Two of my idols.

Thank You Thank You Thank you



photo/film still  Naomi Yang from The Afterlife video / Damon and Naomi


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