Gary Graham is the costume designer for artist Kara Walker's new installation at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Fortuna and the Immortality Garden (Machine).

This spectacular, technologically groundbreaking show features eight kinetic, robotic figures; each one clothed in a custom designed garment. Gary is honored to have been a part of Kara Walker’s design team over the past year. The exhibit can be viewed in the museum's free, ground-level Roberts Family Gallery thru Spring 2026.

Please visit if you are in San Francisco!

Read a profile of Kara Walker and the installation in the New York Times, and find more information at the SFMOMA website.

Full Title of the installation:
Fortuna and the Immortality Garden (Machine)
A Respite for the Weary Time-Traveler.
Featuring a Rite of Ancient Intelligence Carried out by The Gardeners
Toward the Continued Improvement of the Human Specious
Kara E-Walker

kara walker raised figure