Jacob at Warwick textile collectionphoto: Natalie Chitwood

Jacob at Warwick

In collaboration with Pollack Associates, Gary Graham presents Jacob at Warwick, a textile collection inspired by three historical landmarks in Rhode Island said to have been visited by the 19th century spiritualist-murderer Jacob Howell.

In 1865, a 19 year-old Howell bewitched and entranced two young men, coercing them into wearing long white gowns and drowning themselves in the Delaware River--a tragedy that became known locally as “the Ophelia drownings.” After the incident, Howell hid in various sites across New England and continued practicing his cultist fantasies. He was soon convicted of double homicide and committed to a mental institution. The textile collection recasts three sites of his infamous hideouts: the Block Island Southeast Lighthouse, Fort Adams, and the Clouds Hill mansion in Warwick, RI, where Howell spent his final days in exile.

The textile collection is available at the Pollack | Weitzner showroom NYC. Information about dealers and showrooms can be found at Pollack Associates website