I met Emily Bennett through IG when she reached out and told me she lived in Cooperstown, and if I needed a model, she was available(she saw me on the show). She is also an actress and has just finished her film, Alone With You. We talked about horror movies non-stop on the way to and from the shoot, films like Carnival of Souls as one of our favorites.I no longer watch horror movies as I cannot take the suspense, and I suppose fear has a different meaning the older I get. This tunnel represents this dark empty space to pass through, like the end of the night or a dream. The day shooting with Emily, Vera and Peter were one of the stellar days of magical Fall weather we have had up here this October. As much as the show has brought new challenges, I am very grateful to the people I have met -like Emily- because of the exposure. Here she is below as Catherine Edgerton.


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